Science and Craft in Concert 

by Michel Pimbert 
Oxford Real Farming Conference, 2011 

Open and respectful dialogues between scientists and food providers are needed to transform the dominant paradigm of agricultural development. But genuine and effective intercultural dialogue must be based on processes that give the least powerful actors more significant roles than before in the production and validation of knowledge as well as in defining upstream strategic research priorities and policies. This presentation highlights some of the enabling factors that are important in this regard, including:

  • Free prior informed consent, jointly developed rules of engagement, and a mutually agreed code of research ethics
  • Formation of safe spaces for intercultural dialogue
  • Reversals from normal professional roles, behaviors and attitudes
  • Cognitive justice - acknowledging the right for different knowledge systems to exist
  • Extended peer review and diverse gatekeepers of knowledge
  • The roles of local organizations and federations in mediating countervailing power and knowledge for food sovereignty.


Dr Michel Pimbert - Oxford REAL Farming Conference 2011 from Real Farm Life on Vimeo.