The Andean Altiplano Programme for Food Sovereignty

Work in Bolivia and Peru seeks to transform agricultural research by focusing on changes from the household to the global levels.

Andean Altiplano (Bolivia and Peru). Partners in this region call this project the Andean Altiplano Programme on Food Sovereignty’. Bolivian partners in particular make the link between agricultural research and food sovereignty. This is largely because the Bolivian government has made ‘food sovereignty’ the center piece of its national policy on food and agriculture.

Since mid 2008, work in Bolivia and Peru has been designed to address four interrelated levels:

Level I. The field, the household, the storage room – the community level but also reaching networks of those who nurture food and agricultural fields. Methodological menu: Acompañamiento, Participatory Action Research processes and tools, Community and Participatory Video, Gender inclusive workshops.

Level II. The academia of researchers linked to the group of urban consumers and
media. Methodological menu: intercultural dialogue and facilitation, farmer-scientist dialogues, seminars and conferences

Level III. Policies and politicians from local to regional and national level. Methodological menu: Citizens’ Jury, Campaigns, Fora, Press and Radio, Assemblies

Level IV. The global scene of researchers, politicians and activists in favour of food sovereignty and alternatives to development. Methodological menu: alliances, social movements, policy and media dialogues.